Based on the findings from the ‘Curtain wall’ project, the prototype tests, at a larger scale the concept of responsiveness for concrete formwork with cheap and local materials in the making of a room. A series of bamboo poles mediates a geometry changing from a circular footprint at grade to a trefoil outline at the top. The double sided formwork uses bamboo poles and canvas from which a sequence of varied concrete undulations is cast. The experience of the interior space of the wet room is amplified by the concrete’s revived forces gained by engaging closely with the properties of the concrete material in response to the formwork.

Date: 1-15 August 2018
Location: Xia Mu Tang Village, Wan’an County, Jianxi, China
Program: public shower room for villagers in rural China
Prototyping workshop
Studio leader: Olivier Ottevaere
Teaching assistant: Chong Chak Yuen
Student assistants: Yang Meng Ting, Hung Chi Lok, Leung Ka Chi
Student participation (The University of Hong Kong):
Wang Yi Xiao, Daniel Stiensmeier, Lui Pui Hang, Lau Ngai Lam, LawYik Chun, Lam Oi Chun, Chu Lok Yiu, Ip Chung Ming, Pang Leong, Tse Tsz Wai, Raphael Bernal Galvez, Wang Xiang Ning,