Curtain Wall

The project is a prototype testing a formwork technique made of bamboo poles and canvass. It experiments with the notion of reusability, adaptability and responsiveness in concrete formwork. Aligned at different angles the bamboo poles describe a ruled-based geometry supporting a loose canvas behind. The edges of the canvass are free at the bottom and at the top allowing the liquid concrete to dictate it solid formation while maintaining tangential continuity from poles to poles. Various degrees of concrete corrugations are created by working empirically with the material properties, such as pressure, mass, fluidity.

Date: 28 October- 5 November 2018
Location: Xixinanzhen, Anhui, China
Prototyping workshop organized by Turenscape Academy (Tom Verebes, Xiong Ying)
Studio leader: Olivier Ottevaere
Teaching assistant: Chong Chak Yuen, Jerry Hsiao
Student participation (Fengchia University, Taichung, Taiwan):
Meng-Ting Yang, Kai Yeh, Ching-Tzu Chang, Sheng-Chuan Chung, Min-Hsuan Chen, Jyh-An Chao, Yun-Zhao Wei, Ching-Yun Tseng, Yen Liang, Chih-Hsu Yang, Yan-Wen Wu, Jiao Xie